Why Invest?

Investments can provide a better return than simply keeping your money in a savings account.

Investing the money that you save allows your money to grow to a larger sum. Investing your money into treasury or municipal bonds, certificates of deposit and savings accounts builds wealth slowly over the course of time.




Mangalmurti Investments

Since 1982

Back in 1982, a small sapling planted by Shri Chandrakant & Shrimati Rohini Dekhane, Pioneers in the investment field in Dombivli, has today grown up into a strong tree serving clients across the section of society with a dedicated team of professionals. We, then started with post office small savings schemes when income tax benefit was first granted to investments in these schemes.

Today, we serve an array of investment products ranging from post to Insurance, Mutual funds, Company Deposits, General Insurance, Online Trading & Demat through Kotak Securities, ETF, IPO, FPO, NFO, etc. We provide total solutions to all your Investment needs. Our commitment is to provide solutions to your investment needs after understanding your financial goals.


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We provide a varierty of Investment Options for captial of all sizes.
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